Five words summarize our state of mind: « cash », rigour, responsiveness, flexibility and … firmness!

Let’s be « cash »!

Let’s not beat around the bush, let’s be frank and direct, you as well as us, and life will be much simpler! Nowadays, « good tips » are everywhere: on social media, on the internet, in the « corridors », in the « tabloids ». The Roquet Fiduciary sets the record straight if necessary. Indeed, one situation is not the other and you deserve clear and precise advice based on your situation, which you explain to us in full clarity and transparency. It is a relationship of trust that we build together and it starts now.

Rigour and responsiveness …

In all our tax consulting and accounting services, we are characterized first and foremost by an indispensable rigour and a permanent quality in our daily work.

Although quality work takes time as in any job, we also ensure you the most immediate response possible to meet your requests. Everyone wants to be heard and especially heard as quickly as possible. Our 20 professionals are there to take care of your problems and wishes as soon as possible.

Flexibility and firmness …

Our swiftness is of course inseparable from the teams in our 3 offices, rich in competence and in number and extremely flexible to adapt to your situation and your requirements. Of course, a day-to-day account manager is assigned to you, but there’s a whole team ready to take over, supervisors to supervise them, accounting experts and tax consultants to validate and finally, a rare thing in the profession, a boss who is permanently « on site » in one of the three offices, always available and anxious to review all files and bring his « personal touch » to your file.

Of course, as you can imagine, our quality work and team come at a cost but we all know that the « cheap » ultimately is the most expensive. We will never compromise on our procedures and quality requirements in order to become « low-cost » …

Finally, the quality and relevance of our expertise come with a certain and necessary firmness in the organization of the work, the respect of deadlines, the distribution of tasks and the communication prior to any act between us and our clients. You are demanding with us, we are also with you!

At the Roquet Fiduciary, « client is king » on the condition that he accepts and respects these rules and this state of mind!

A proven mentality

In order to deliver on a daily basis, we, the staff of the Roquet Fiduciary, are deeply convinced that this state of mind allows our clients to feel not only fully confident in their acts but also « protected » to the maximum against any problem or dispute with the tax authorities.


François-Xavier et son équipe veillent depuis plus de 18 ans maintenant à ce que la fiscalité de mon entreprise soit à la fois optimale tout en suivant rigoureusement les prescrits légaux. La “paix fiscale” est une des conditions nécessaires à la pérennité des petites et moyennes entreprises en Belgique

la paix fiscale en PME

Christian Janfils

Gérant, The Right Move SPRL

Bien qu’en croissance depuis de longues années, la Fiduciaire Roquet a gardé la mentalité d’une petite société familiale, où on n’a pas l’impression d’être un numéro, où le patron reste au courant des dossiers, même si pour le day-to-day, c’est un collaborateur qui s’en charge. La rigueur de travail, la prudence de comptabilisation, fait que certes, on déclare parfois plus que souhaité, mais on est tranquille. Si Mr. Roquet accepte, c’est qu’il est prêt à défendre.

David Douenias

Gérant, DCT sprl

En tant que chargée de cours dans la Section Comptabilité à l’Henallux, la collaboration avec la fiduciaire Roquet se passe toujours de manière fructueuse tant au niveau de conseils personnels dans le cadre des cours enseignés que dans le cadre des stages d’étudiants et même de l’engagement de nos étudiants comme futurs collaborateurs

Anne Rinchard

Chargée de Cours à la Haute Ecole Henallux

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