With our lack of experience in accounting and tax matters and with the little time we can devote to it, we greatly appreciate the clarity of the Roquet Fiduciary. We particularly applaud their availability and the ease of communication with Mr. Roquet and his collaborators. Rigour and integrity, which are for us capital professional values, are really part of their DNA.

Dr. Anne Fostier & Dr. Christophe Stenier

TEMA SPRL, Managers

Although they’ve been growing for many years, the Roquet Fiduciary has kept the mentality of a small family company, where you don’t feel like a number, where the boss knows all the files, even if it’s one of his employees who handles the account on a daily basis. The thoroughness of their work and the prudence in their accounting decisions, keeps us calm (even though we sometimes declare more to the tax authorities than we would like). If Mr. Roquet accepts it, he is ready to defend it.

David Douenias

Manager, DCT sprl

Mr. Roquet and his team have assisted me ever since the early stages prior to my transition to self-employment, with great professionalism, thoroughness and proactivity. I received all the instructions well in time about the new legal provisions that concern me and the payments that have to be made concerning the VAT, social charges, taxes, etc. Mr. Roquet and his team were able to answer all my questions swiftly, so I could concentrate on my professional activities in all serenity.

Extendo SPRL est cliente de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Sophie Hins

Manager, Extendo SPRL

The Roquet Fiduciary was recommended to me by of one of my best friends and I am delighted with their service! There are many reasons to work with them: professionalism, availability and excellent advice. The icing on the cake is their proximity as we work opposite each other. I almost bought their building in Brussels before they did!

Thierry Miclotte

ScPRL Dental Office Th. Miclotte

I can and would highly recommend the Fiduciaire Roquet to any friend. They helped us pragmatically and competently in any situation, building-up an Association in Brussels and consulting us over the years. Whenever legal questions were to be explained to our members during our General Assemblies, Mr Roquet showed that he is not only a legal expert in his field, but able to explain complex issues comprehensively to anyone – by the way with charm and humor. We are grateful for the support of the Fiduciaire Roquet

Pour moi, un lien particulier existe entre nos deux entreprises. Nous sommes clients depuis le premier jour. A l’époque mes parents géraient l’affaire. La stratégie comptable prônée par Mr Roquet ne tient pas dans l’exotisme de solutions à l’emporte-pièce qui finissent par vous revenir comme un boomerang lors de contrôles ou de changement de législation. L’analyse du cadre légal et les perspectives d’évolutions de la règle fiscale sont scrupuleusement prises en considération. Les très rares contrôles et les résultats des contrôles en sont la preuve. Nous avons développé une relation très sympathique avec la collaboratrice de la Fiduciaire Roquet qui vient chaque mois au bureau pour préparer la TVA.

Christian Donath

Managing Director ECO PLATFORM AISBL

We recommend the Roquet Fiduciary for their skills, seriousness and thoroughness. Mr. Roquet and his team take their time to provide us with in-depth advice. The fiduciary has supported us ever since the creation of our company in June 2006 and has contributed to our rapid progress.

Audika est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Danielle Flippe

Manager, Audika SPRL

For me, there’s a special bond between our two companies. We have been clients since day one. At the time, my parents were managing the business. Mr. Roquet’s accounting strategy is not based upon exotic solutions that end up coming back to you like a boomerang during controls or when there’s a change in legislation. The analysis of the legal framework and the prospects for changes in the tax rule are meticulously taken into account. The fact that there are very rarely controls and the results of these controls are the living proof. We have developed a very close relationship with the collaborator of the Roquet Fiduciary who comes to our office every month to prepare the VAT.

La Petite SUisse est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Didier Mahaut

CEO, la Petite Suisse

I would highly recommend the Roquet Fiduciary. We have been working with them for over 10 years, not only privately, but also with various companies. They are well-established in Brussels and Wallonia. Their teams are diverse, with several trades and/or skills. They are also very available, punctual, well-structured and ever so kind.

HumaCap est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Yves Szmir

HumanCap, Managing Director

We are very happy with the Roquet Fiduciary, they are friendly and available people. All our questions get a swift response and we can benefit from their network of experts (e.g. a tax lawyer). The fact that they have several offices is an advantage and Mr. Roquet is sometimes even involved in transactions with our customers. He is always available when we need his services, including in case of a possible tax audit.

Guy Lambin


From the acquisition of European Voice from The Economist group to the resale to the companies POLITICO and Axel Springer in order to create POLITICO Europe, Roquet has provided us with exceptional support. Mr. Roquet and his team are professional and reliable, they support us in all tax and accounting aspects. Roquet is a true business partner without whom our success in Europe would not have been possible.

Politico est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Sheherazade Semsar

Chief Executive Officer, POLITICO EUROPE

As a lecturer of the Accounting Department at Henallux, my collaboration with the Roquet Fiduciary is always fruitful, whether it is their personal advice about the courses and student internships or even hiring our students as future collaborators.

Anne Rinchard

Lecturer at Henallux University College

The Roquet Fiduciary is a serious fiduciary and at the same time close to their clients, attentive and quick to act. In short: professional and responsive! I have always been struck by the speed of response to emails or questions asked by email (usually within the hour). This is one of the reasons why I left my previous tax specialist: I had to send at least 6 reminders to get a mini-response within 3 weeks. His team in Charleroi is really great. And Mr. Roquet gives in-depth advice to anticipate or react to new tax rules. He doesn't just do simple accounting.

Dr Olivier Hins

Manager, SPRL Docteurs Hins

Roquet has been the accounting and tax partner of the Belgian companies of the Groupe Legris Industries for 10 years now. We shared a lot of new experiences together, especially while carrying out cross-border mergers. A big thank you to Mr. Roquet and his entire team for their extraordinary level of professionalism.

Le Groupe Legris Industries est un client de la Fiduciare Roquet

Sylvie Beucher

Groupe Legris Industries, Group Consolidation & Holding Accounting Officer

We have been clients since the first hour as we were already with Mr. Debourse before the takeover by Mr. Roquet. All our files were then passed to the Roquet Fiduciary and we stayed with them up to today. Nothing but positives. We have often recommended the Roquet Fiduciary and they are just as satisfied. Mr. Roquet is an exceptional person who has surrounded himself with competent staff.

Salomon Israël

Director of companies active or having been in hotel and real estate development

The Roquet Fiduciary is a trusted partner! For 20 years, I have never been late with a tax deadline (VAT, ...). My files were managed by different employees with all the same degree of seriousness and professionalism. I particularly appreciate the fact that Mr. Roquet masters Belgian taxation, which for me is a guarantee of the legality of the advice that is given.

XIM est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Christophe Paquet

Manager, XIM Consult SPRL

I would definitely recommend the Fiduciaire Roquet. I find Mr Roquet and his team to be totally professional. They provide very good advice and react in a timely manner to any requests. Mr Roquet himself is a very friendly person and a great family man and I think he passes on a family atmosphere in his company. I was so surprised when he called to my office in Ireland with his family to say Hello while visiting Cork.

PFS is a customer of the Roquet Fiduciary

Declan Harrington

CEO, Pratt Financial Services Ltd

For my business in the city centre, I chose the Roquet Fiduciary right from the start. They take care of my accounting and provide me with excellent tax advice. François-Xavier Roquet and his team are always available to help me with the day-to-day management of my activities, but they are also by my side for more specific matters if I need them. Thanks to the Roquet Fiduciary, my company respects all of its legal obligations in time.

Les Secrets du Chef Namur est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Jean-Pierre Tilman

Manager, SPRL Vivement Dimanche

The main qualities of the Roquet Fiduciary? Availability, precise answers, rigour in the production of accounting documents, friendly exchanges. The Roquet Fiduciary is the story of a long, quiet river that achieves its objectives ... I have already recommended them on numerous occasions to my entire family. They all have the entrepreneurial spirit and they now use the services of this fiduciary.

François Daue


I have full confidence in Mister Roquet and his collaborators, which is very important when one launches himself, for the first time, into the mysteries of the constitution and the life of a small one-person company like mine. Whether it is as a natural person or for my business, the reports are always clear, precise, straightforward and above all without (too many) worries. The only difficulty is sometimes to get a layman like myself to understand the maze that is our tax legislation…

Vincent Lejeune


We called upon Mr. Roquet after he was recommended to us by one of our employees, whose previous employer used the services of the Roquet Fiduciary and was a very satisfied customer. We were deceived by our accountant at the time, we had to find a replacement urgently and we couldn’t afford to make a casting error - the consequences could have been terrible! Mr. Roquet and his team took matters into their own hands and have been managing our accounting for 20 years now. Their team is very professional - competent, rigorous, reliable and quick and Mr. Roquet is always available for any clarification or advice. The Roquet Fiduciary has grown considerably over all these years, yet they managed to keep their human character, building strong relationships with their clients and maintaining a spirit of honesty and integrity.

European Cockpit Association est un client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Anna Hagmajer

European Cockpit Association AISBL, Office Manager

We’ve been clients since 2004 and with Roquet we have found a professional service at a fair price. Their employees are available, attentive and competent and the organization is well-established. This fiduciary is an asset to the daily accounting and tax operations of our SME.

Luc Lejoly


Mr. Roquet and his team are really efficient at reminding us of the importance of fiscal discipline, something that isn’t really our first priority as freelancers in healthcare. Thanks to them we face each year with serenity, and this for almost 20 years now. We would recommend without any hesitation the Roquet Fiduciary.

Dr. Stéphane Ledeghen & Cécile Bertrand

Medical Specialist | Orthodontist

Listening, being available and being highly skilled, Mr. Roquet’s assets are very important for the development of an SME like ours. You provide us with the solid base that gives us confidence and allows us to grow in all serenity. Thank you very much!

Victoria Agency est un client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Sofie Van Vlaenderen

Manager, The Victoria Agency

The Roquet Fiduciary has supported us as freelancers and later our company for almost 20 years. Beyond the quality of his advice, François-Xavier Roquet has always defended our interests with the same determination and pugnacity as if it were his own. Thanks to him and his team, we can focus on our activities with complete peace of mind.

Logo HR CVSW SPRL clients de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Carla Verbeke & Stéphan Wilputte

Managers CVSW SPRL

I recommend the Roquet Fiduciary for their proximity and professionalism. They provide an answer to each question and a solution to many problems. We love working with this fiduciary because it distinguishes itself from the big four by its excellent service at a very acceptable price/quality ratio compared to the industry’s majors.

SEO GROUP est un client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Christian Zandona


These days, don't we say that the only constant is change? In a context that is at times “tense”, uncertain, the subjects to be mastered as a “manager” are numerous, vast and increasingly complex. So, let's face it, it’s simply impossible for us as a business manager to master all of the areas we face daily. In this context of continuous development, it’s key to surround ourselves with experts and people we trust. For our accounting supervision and tax advice, I found the ideal partner in the person of Mr. Roquet and his team. Available, precise, educating, Mr. Roquet and his team systematically ensure conformity & correctness. Our regular exchanges for many years, the precision of his analyses, his “common sense” and the relevance of his advice have enabled us to establish a relationship of real trust with Mr. Roquet. This allows me to focus on the essence of my profession while “sleeping on my two ears” as for the accounting management and supervision of my business.

Frédéric Meys

Company active in the construction and sales sector - placement of exterior joinery. Managing Director

I have already recommended the Roquet Fiduciary to medical colleagues several times and without hesitation. With Mr. Roquet and his team, it’s serious, especially when creating my company. They have a good sense of anticipation, their knowledge of the subject is excellent and when I have a question, I am always promptly called back with the answer. I cannot report any incident of any kind in 23 years of collaboration.

Dr Roland Polet

Manager Ggynaecology Practice R. Polet SPRL

Having a competent tax accountant is the first key to success. You can work like crazy, be the best in your field, but if your accounting partner is no good, you will not last long… It's 13 years that we have been clients at the Roquet Fiduciary and I have not a single bad word to say about them. We have always been listened to, advised and above all made aware of our accounting and taxation. A team close to its clients.

Lightec est un client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Laurent Aldeghi

Manager, EMC SPRL

When you have a company, you don't want to take any risks. When we changed offices, we had just suffered the consequences of accounting errors. Thanks to the Roquet Fiduciary, we feel reassured and confident. Their team ensures a good follow-up and there’s a contact person available at any moment. Mr. Roquet is very frank with us and that too builds trust.

Katia Lambin

Manager, RSI SPRL

Rigour, reliability, competence and friendliness. After a catastrophic experience, I changed my accounting office in the midst of a tax audit. Mr. Roquet was able to rectify a more than delicate situation. Obviously, since then, I have remained a loyal client and I have sent colleagues of mine to the Roquet Fiduciary, who have also benefited from the skills of Mr. Roquet and his team.

Dr Philippe Lefèvre

Biologist and Medical officer | Doctor of Science and Scientific Advisor (ULB)

It must be about 20 years now that I have been working with the Roquet Fiduciary and I will continue to do so! Mr. Roquet and I have developed a professional relationship based on respect and competence that has lead into a friendship, which makes our contact all the more personal. I like his direct and pragmatic style and he has always good advice on many topics that affect all administrative, accounting and tax aspects of companies. The organization of the fiduciary is impeccable with respect for deadlines, even if it is sometimes a little rigid so that I had to adapt to its schedules and dates of holidays. If you follow the guidelines, everything goes perfectly!

Yves De Koster


Since its creation over 20 years ago, our company has entrusted its accounting to the Roquet Fiduciary. We are delighted with their service, whether it be bookkeeping, compliance with various tax obligations or the expert advice provided by Mr. Roquet. Both Mr. Roquet himself and his dedicated staff always stepped up to the challenge. We particularly appreciate Mr. Roquet’s proactive management. He is very attentive to legislative changes and is able to provide us with useful advice and opinions.

Client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Laurent Dachelet LL.M

Manager of SPRL Ghyssels & Verbeken

Seriousness and responsiveness are the main reasons for recommending the Roquet Fiduciary. We have been working with them for many years and always to our satisfaction. Thanks to the team!

DPI est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Robert Israël

Manager, DPI SPRL

It’s been over 18 years now that François-Xavier and his team have been ensuring that the taxation of my business is both optimal and completely in accordance with the legal regulations. “Tax peace” is essential for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to be sustainable in Belgium.

la paix fiscale en PME

Christian Janfils

Manager, The Right Move SPRL

Mr. Roquet and his team are more than just an accounting office... They are partners. They are professional, attentive, responsive and available. I got to know the Roquet Fiduciary in a very unfortunate situation created by false statements from my previous accounting office, when I had been self-employed for three years. After a titanic job, Mr. Roquet was able to “resuscitate me from an announced tax death”.

Luno est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Cécile Guislain

Manager, Lightec-Alu SPRL

I would definitely recommend the Roquet Fiduciary. They are always available, very professional and give good advice. It’s a real pleasure to work with Mr. Roquet and his team.

Colloquium est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Natasha Krasicka

COLLOQUIUM, Housing and Registration Director

The professionalism and advanced skills of Mr. Roquet (and his dedicated team) are matched only by his wonderful human qualities. A warm thank you for the 20 years already spent together and for the 20 years to come.

Le Lodge est un client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Jim Van Antro

Manager, LATC SPRL

Since my very first tax return, François-Xavier Roquet has taken care of my family's PPI. Our mutual trust is a long-term asset and remains strong even now the fiduciary has over twenty employees. The Roquet Fiduciary is my guarantee vis-à-vis the growing complexity of the tax law and its many changes. It’s also a real value to benefit from both the least taxed route and tax peace. I am reassured that our files are handled by a team of professionals.

Agnès Voglaire

Voglaire family

The keywords of our collaboration with the Roquet Fiduciary are without a doubt: availability and professionalism. We can only welcome the advice and the help given to each of our requests. Finally, we would like to emphasize the kindness of Mr. Roquet and his team. A big thank you to everyone.

Construction products Europe AISBL est client de la Fiduciaire Roquet

Christophe Sykes & Marie-France Baire

Construction Products Europe Aisbl, Managng Director | Office Manager