Accounting, tax and consultancy

Our team of experts accompanies you if you’re in need of tax consulting or accounting expertise. In whatever field and in whatever circumstances, we offer you clear and unequivocal advice on any « good tip » that you have read or heard.

The launch of an independent activity and the creation of companies, associations and foundations:

  • Constitution of companies, associations and foundations: assistance, proofreading of statutes, legal financial plans and if necessary, with referral to a specialized lawyer, a notary and an auditor
  • Financial plan, jobs and resources chart and cash flow chart
  • Internal notes on the creation and liquidation of companies (rights and obligations)
  • Optimization and advice on the status to choose: natural person versus company
  • Assistance in developing the business plan and dashboards in order to obtain bank credit

Accounting assistance – NEW : DEMATERIALISATION

  • Development and adaptation of the accounting plan based on your needs
  • Organization, maintenance and supervision of general and analytical accounting at our premises or at the client’s premises
  • Creation of a dematerialized accounting system with the generation of attached accounting documents in « pdf » format (sales, purchases, bank statements) on the fiduciary software in the cloud
  • Use of « CODAS » (bank statements)
  • Creation of bridges between the ERP or the commercial management program and the accounting software, digital generation of sales invoices
  • Schooling and training of the client’s internal accounting department, with optional dematerialization on the software of the fiduciary in the cloud
  • Drawing up of the annual balance sheet or operating statements and its annexes
  • Drawing up of NBB format annual accounts (complete or abbreviated diagram)
  • Legal record keeping (inventory and centralized)
  • Periodic follow-up, control and annual closure of internal accounting
  • Reporting based on specific tables, internal to the company
  • Drawing up of intermediate accounting situations and dashboards
  • Advice in accounting organization (from a general accounting to an analytical accounting, computerization, gateway between commercial management and general accounting, inventory management, …)
  • Advice and assistance during an audit or internal control of the group
  • Balance sheet analysis (target companies), internal and external audit, business evaluation
  • Assistance in drawing up of funding or subsidy files and surveys

Accounting expertise – statutory tasks

  • Audit and adjustment of accounting documents
  • Audit of the annual accounts
  • Assistance and representation of partners in their right of control
  • Legal form transformation of a company
  • Merger or division of a company
  • Liquidation of a company
  • Certification of subsidy files


  • Assistance with the VAT registration and deregistration of a company
  • Preparation of VAT declarations, intra-community listings, Intrastat declarations and annual listing of clients subject to VAT
  • Drawing up of company tax returns (ISOC or INR-Soc.), ASBL (IPM) and natural person (IPP, INR-PP and expatriate foreign executives)
  • Drawing up of tax forms 281.20 and 281.50 and declarations of withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties
  • Drawing up of salary structures for company directors and their advance payment statements
  • Representation and defense of the taxpayer against tax authorities and, if necessary (litigation), with referral to a specialized tax lawyer

Tax consulting

  • Optimization of the personal income tax return in terms of deductions (real expenses, deductible expenses, dependents, etc.) and application of double taxation agreements (taxation or exemption of income according to their nature and origin)
  • Comprehensive tax planning (and optimization) of natural persons versus companies: transfer to a company, transfer of goodwill, pay structure, dividend policy, VAT aspects and registration fees
  • Reorganization and overall tax optimization of companies or groups of companies in the area of corporate tax (sale, liquidation, repurchase of own shares, merger, demerger), VAT (deductions, VAT unit) and registration fees
  • Any tax consulting relating to the day-to-day management of activities and the realization of your specific or one-off projects


  • Advice and assistance in the field of company law and, secondarily, social and commercial law, with referral to a specialized lawyer
  • Assistance in the preparation of the minutes of general meetings and the board of managers or the administration of companies
    • approval of the annual accounts
    • statutory appointments and resignations
    • statutory appointments and resignations
    • proofreading of notarial deed projects
  • Assistance in drafting agreements on the sale of business assets, transfer of shares or shares, leases and loans

Areas of activity

Our clients operate in many areas of activity…

Commerce, national and international

Independent professions (doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, notary, lawyer, etc.)


Real estate

Non-profit sector (ASBL, AISBL, foundation, …)

Natural persons, private individuals and annuitants, residents and non-residents