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Accounting and fiscal advice

The Roquet Fiduciary in a few words

  • an accounting and tax consulting firm, founded by François-Xavier Roquet, master in economics and fiscal management and chartered accountant and I.E.C. tax consultant, with over 25 years of experience in Belgian and international taxation and accounting organization for companies,
  • 20 very loyal professionals, both young and experienced, including many tax accountants recognized by the I.P.C.F., chartered accountants and tax consultants approved by the I.E.C.,
  • a full-on service, rigorous, of quality and proximity, but also sharp and straight to the point advice, based on the most recent legal developments and with the diligence of a good householder and of course, a service offer equipped with the latest tools in terms of communication, management, digitalisation and dematerialization of the accounting and financial environment of companies,
  • three offices in three central regions, in Brussels (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre), Charleroi (Couillet) and Namur (Erpent), covering the whole of Wallonia as well as Brussels and its periphery, both French-speaking and Dutch-speaking,
  • and last but not least, with one goal: your tax and accounting « peace of mind», and one single concern: YOU!

Our mission

Our mission is first and foremost to help you with your concerns and questions, listen to you and understand you.

Then, it is up to us to explain step by step the ins and outs of the solutions available to you and to advise you judiciously and directly on the choices that have to be made.

Finally, the moment is there to « take action » and implement « the » solution you have chosen on the short, medium and long term and accompany you in all serenity throughout this beautiful and long adventure …

Launching an activity and creating companies and A(I)SBL

You’re thinking about becoming self-employed, you have heard about « SRL », you want to create an A(I)SBL but you’re not sure because a lot of people are giving you « tips and advice »… So you want to know more about it: the tax and social costs, the risks for your « private » life (legacy…), and more generally, the procedure, the legal steps, the launching costs and the recurrent ones, but also how to get out at the end of course, happy or unhappy. Clear and precise advice is what you need, and that is exactly what we provide …

Tax assistance

You are a private individual, an annuitant, a Belgian non-resident or self-employed, you manage a company, SME or subsidiary of a group, you have an A(I)SBL or a foundation and you’ve been selected for a tax audit. Or more generally, you wonder if you’re meeting all your tax obligations, if you are « in the clear ». In other words: you can use some tax assistance, and we are there to provide it.

Accounting assistance – NEW: DEMATERIALIZATION

You don’t know if you will do your own accounting or if you will hire a company, you want to save time, you want to externalize or internalize using analytics, you have heard about the dematerialization of accounting and « CODAS », you thought about generating your invoices digitally and « sending » them automatically to your customers, using your accounting software. Your company has grown or is part of a group and is in need of financial monitoring (reporting, budget), or detailed financial reports (EBITDA, cash flow, etc.). We have developed an expertise in this area and have the latest tools at the cutting edge of technology to help you. Contact us!


This is without a doubt our biggest strength and a considerable added value for your business! Whether you are a natural person, a company or an association, we are constantly seeking to advise you on the optimization of your overall tax situation and searching for « the least taxed way ». Whether between you and your company or association or within your company or association, for example in the context of determining the « package » of your remuneration, deductible costs or not, benefits in kind, copyrights, dividends, the « liquidation reserve » but also the more « special » organization (dismemberment, holding, stock option, patents, etc.) and reorganization (Belgian and cross-border merger, liquidation, …) operations. Our expertise and experience in taxation, also international, remain our best asset at this level. Contact us!


Our mission is also to assist you and your accountant in the reorganization operations that the law reserve for chartered accountants certified by the I.E.C, particularly in the areas of transformation, liquidation and merger. If you are our client, we cannot deal with this ourselves for ethical reasons, but we accompany you step by step during this process and call on our independent partners, auditors, lawyers and notaries.


We want to draw your attention to the various legal and juridical aspects of the professional and organizational choices of your company or companies and their impact on your private life and that of your close ones. That’s why we also advise you in the field of corporate law and social law so you’re sure to make the right choice based on your situation (family expenses, marriage contract, …) and your personal wealth (shares, real estate , …) or that of your company or companies (social organization, subsidiary, branch, …), in close collaboration with your financial advisers, insurers, lawyers and notaries.

Our offices

Three offices, but one team, with the same state of mind, and one single way of working and serving you!


City of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
(south-east of Brussels)


City of Couillet
(south-east of Charleroi)


City of Erpent
(south of Namur)


Bien qu’en croissance depuis de longues années, la Fiduciaire Roquet a gardé la mentalité d’une petite société familiale, où on n’a pas l’impression d’être un numéro, où le patron reste au courant des dossiers, même si pour le day-to-day, c’est un collaborateur qui s’en charge. La rigueur de travail, la prudence de comptabilisation, fait que certes, on déclare parfois plus que souhaité, mais on est tranquille. Si Mr. Roquet accepte, c’est qu’il est prêt à défendre.

David Douenias

Gérant, DCT sprl

En tant que chargée de cours dans la Section Comptabilité à l’Henallux, la collaboration avec la fiduciaire Roquet se passe toujours de manière fructueuse tant au niveau de conseils personnels dans le cadre des cours enseignés que dans le cadre des stages d’étudiants et même de l’engagement de nos étudiants comme futurs collaborateurs

Anne Rinchard

Chargée de Cours à la Haute Ecole Henallux

I can and would highly recommend the Fiduciaire Roquet to any friend. They helped us pragmatically and competently in any situation, building-up an Association in Brussels and consulting us over the years. Whenever legal questions were to be explained to our members during our General Assemblies, Mr Roquet showed that he is not only a legal expert in his field, but able to explain complex issues comprehensively to anyone – by the way with charm and humor. We are grateful for the support of the Fiduciaire Roquet

Pour moi, un lien particulier existe entre nos deux entreprises. Nous sommes clients depuis le premier jour. A l’époque mes parents géraient l’affaire. La stratégie comptable prônée par Mr Roquet ne tient pas dans l’exotisme de solutions à l’emporte-pièce qui finissent par vous revenir comme un boomerang lors de contrôles ou de changement de législation. L’analyse du cadre légal et les perspectives d’évolutions de la règle fiscale sont scrupuleusement prises en considération. Les très rares contrôles et les résultats des contrôles en sont la preuve. Nous avons développé une relation très sympathique avec la collaboratrice de la Fiduciaire Roquet qui vient chaque mois au bureau pour préparer la TVA.

Christian Donath

Managing Director ECO PLATFORM AISBL

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