At the Roquet Fiduciary, there are no « small » or « big » clients…

Whoever you are, whatever your « size », the Roquet Fiduciary is without a doubt your preferred partner. Our philosophy is that all clients are treated with the same level of interest and professionalism. Of course, we ask for your trust and transparency and we are at your side « for better and for worse ».

From private individuals to multinationals

Our accounting expertise and tax consulting services are provided to the following economic actors:

  • a commercial or civil company trading under Belgian law
  • a Belgian branch of a commercial or civil company trading under foreign law
  • an independent natural person or a natural person acting as the director of a company, Belgian resident or non-resident
  • a private (employee, pensioner, annuitant, …) Belgian resident or non-resident
  • Belgian (ASBL) and international (AISBL) non-profit associations and foundations

Belgium and the rest of the world

Thanks to his past experience in an international tax firm, François-Xavier Roquet and his staff are able to guide any client wishing to develop from Belgium to other countries or from other countries to Belgium, both at an internal Belgian level and in terms of the double taxation agreements concluded by Belgium.

Our clients operate in many sectors of activity: commerce, industry, services to companies and private individuals, independent professions (doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, notary, lawyer) and real estate, as well as the non-profit sector (ASBL, AISBL, foundations, …), which is becoming increasingly important.

All these actors carry out their activities sometimes in physical person, sometimes in the form of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and national and international groups, family businesses or quoted at the stock exchange, and have trusted the Roquet Fiduciary for their Belgian establishment.

In recent years, for example, the Roquet Fiduciary, has been able to become the trusted partner of a foreign, and especially French, renowned clientele of high quality, and a key player in the field of accounts, tax, social and corporate law, that many of the « Big Four » envy!

Our mission

The Roquet Fiduciary offers among others the following services:

The launch of an independent activity and the creation of companies, associations and foundations



Tax consulting

Accounting expertise